[h] - <humble> recruiting (aq40 9/9)

< Humble > is looking to strengthen It’s roster!

Humble is a project made to achieve the experience we once had in Vanilla World of Warcraft. Making a committed effort to clear all the content with knowledge of present raid mechanics and future ones. Our focus is to build a solid united group of members that share the same common goals and values: Transparency, Respect, Honesty, Commitment and above all Guild Effort.

We are looking for active players who want to clear ALL PvE content efficiently while having fun in a chill environment.
Defining our Guild as a Hardcore/Semi/Casual is not our way of thinking. We are not here to speedrun or break records. We’ll do everything at the right time and pace.

Raid Schedule:
22H00 - 01H00 Server Time and raid days are: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday.
(Currently Progressing in AQ40 9/9, BWL/MC/ONY same night, ZG/AQ20 whenever possible)

Regarding recruitment we do not have specific requirements outside of speaking English, but in order to join the raids and actually get loot we would prefer you to have farmed your preraid bis and know your class rotation. Be prepared to commit and focus on learning and doing things right.

Currently looking for exceptional Players of ALL classes!

Loot System:
We use Loot Council and try to keep the distribution as even and fair as possible. Primarily loot goes to the class that has the best use of it. Priority is given to members who have consistently shown good performance, effort and attendance.

for more information ask a guildmember ingame for a leader or pm @Batechapas or @any Leader in our Discord: BwHMSke

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