(H) Idem Dito recruiting for phase 3 and onward!

Hello guys, sorry in advance for the huge post :slight_smile:

with a few people dropping out due to burn out or RL obligations we have a couple of raid spots open for our main raid group.

We can offer you a stable and organized core group which has been raiding together since week 2 of classic using a DKP system to distribute loot.

What we need of you is to sign up for the raids on our website, come on time and be prepared with consumables.

Raid times:

  • Sunday: 18.30 - 22.30
  • Wednesday: 19.30 - 22.30
  • Tuesday/Thursday: 19.30 - 22.30 (server time) - if there is uncleared content


  • warlocks (2 open spots)
  • shamans (3 open spots)
  • mages (2 open spots)
  • rogues (1 rogue spot open)
  • druids (2 open spots)

Exceptional players of all classes are more than welcome to contact us!

To apply please whisper Xepra, Xydon or any of our guild members in game to direct you to an officer who’s on line at the moment.

Also you can add me on battle tag to have a chat: Filthycasual#22536

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