[H] <Impact> Recruiting - Raids Wednesday & Sunday

Impact is a well established guild with one international, English speaking raid team that is currently working on clearing Naxxramas. We are always looking for more likeminded people to strengthen our raid roster.

Raid days are Wednesday and Sunday from 19:45 - 23:00.

1 Rogue
1 Mage

Exceptional players of any class will always be taken into consideration.

/w Frask for a chat in game

About us:

  • We offer a serious but light-hearted and relaxed atmosphere during raids.
  • Our leadership is experienced and active.
  • We have a fair loot system, with almost no loot restrictions, that allows new recruits to gain gear in no time (EPGP).
  • We are not a hardcore guild, but we intend to make the most out of our raiding.
  • Our aim is to clear Naxxramas before TBC. Every other raid has been cleared.

About you:

  • We expect you are active in game and show up prepared to most of our raids.
  • We expect that you have at least farmed pre-bis gear or better.
  • We expect that you always aim to do your best during raids, and don’t mind spending time researching on how to improve.
  • We expect you are a fun, friendly individual that can balance between seriousness and having fun.
  • We expect that you are at least able to write and understand English.

/w Frask, Harryoh, Earthal, Cougar or any member of in game or on discord for more information.

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Best guild EU winkwink

Bumping up, if you want to contact me directly in game my name is Zangataz. All classes are eligible at the moment.

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