[H] <Implode> is recruiting


Implode is a NEW horde raiding guild with casual raiding schedule.

Implode is Implosion reborn, with a solid core of players who enjoy
raiding with each other we have decided to give Mythic raiding another try
with having a more casual approach.

We are looking for exceptional dps classes to join our mythic roster.

Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 server time.

What we expect from you?

-To show on time and keep good attendance
-Show us some logs and progress from your previous raids/guilds
-Commitment to guild progression
-Maximise your performance

Trial period is 2 weeks, if you fail your trial you can stay as a member or leave the guild.
We judge trials on performance and attendance, more details are on our discord.

Trials will only be for Mythic content.

For further information contact following persons:

JayTee#22206 - Saier in game
Mant#2867 - Mantili in game


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We are currently in need of 1 healer and few dps.


Cleared heroic and first boss on mythic. Next raid day we are starting real progress in mythic. We are in need of a monk, shaman (dps/heal) and feral druid / retri pala but other classes will also be considered.


Recruiting 1 healer, resto shaman, disc/holy priest but other classes will also be considered.


We are now 3/9 M and 2/2 HC
Recruiting dps classes


Are you full on healers?


Looking for a resto shaman, disc priest and warlock.



We are taking a break until 8.2
Recruitment is open for exceptional players. We will start to raid again when patch hits.

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