[H] <Insanity> needs you!

Insanity is a casual raiding guild, who works to obtain AotC and Glory every tier. Throughtout Shadowlands we achieved this goal, and are hoping to maintain our standards and continue this into Dragonflight!

We are laid back, like to have a laugh, but also focus up when its time for progression and obtain our goals!

Our raid times/days are as follows:

Thursday 8PM - 11PM ST
Sunday 7PM - 11PM ST

With our first raid night we achieved 6/8NM

We are currently looking to recruit some more RDPS to bolster the team (Dire need of a warlock!)

If you think we are a suitable guild for you, then please either reply to this thread, or add me on battle.net; ObliviouX#21339.

i would like to join your guild as im looking to raid on sundays and 7-11 is a great time for me, i have fury warrior, destro lock, mm hunter, frost mage, ret pala, and a few more toons

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