[H] <Is amazing> looking for more! (Doomhammer/Turalyon)


Hi All,

We are looking for more players to join our guild !

We are a new guild (since a month ago now) formed by 3 friends previously playing on the Silvermoon server. We’re now up to 43 unique accts and looking to grow all the time.

We are always looking for active and sociable players to join the guild. Level doesn’t matter. It’s all about fun and doing stuff together be it pvp, dungeons or anything else.

Join us on discord too! Link: discord.gg/dxhBV2G.

Feel free to /w an officer if you want an alt invited or ping us a message on discord of course!


Erinara - (Lauren)
Sigarni - (Rich)
Tórch - (Ben - me)
Toxicfaéry (Rox)