[H] <Its Not A Cult> NYA MYTH12/12 | CN HC10/10 M3/10 is looking for DPS and Healer!

ITS NOT A CULT is a semi-hardcore 2-days raiding guild (previously Enigma on Balnazzar, Sunstrider, etc). We are a handful of players who have been playing together since the end of Legion.

In 8.3 we decided to step up our game and start progressing mythic. At the moment we have cleared Nya’lotha and got Cutting Edge, we have a strong core team and we are looking for more like-minded players to bolster our mythic roster and go for Cutting Edge in Shadowlands.

We are by no means a “try-hard” guild. We like to raid in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, to joke around and have fun. At the same time, we are capable of focusing on any given challenge.


For Shadowlands we are looking for players who are motivated to go for Cutting Edge. That of course implies that the new recruits must meet some requirements.

We expect you to have mythic raiding experience at least on the more difficult bosses in any raid in BfA or Legion (unless you have convincing arguments to show that you are a promising player). Having logs to show from the past raid tiers is very welcomed.

However, we will be doing heroic raid on off-day and the less experienced players will have a chance to show themselves as well!

Currently looking for the Mythic team: Hunter, Warlock, Balance Druid
Healer Paladin, Shaman

Other classes will be considered as well.


Wednesday: 21:00-24:00
Thursday: 21:00-24:00

Sunday: 21:00-24:00 (off-day for heroic raids)


Attendance: We expect that you can show up for every raid ideally with an attendance ratio of around 90% or above. Obviously, stuff can come in the way and anyone can be excused. But keep in mind that raiding is a team effort, and we don’t raid when it suits your schedule.

Discord: We use discord as our voicecom. We do expect that you have a working mic, and aren’t afraid to talk during raids or with your fellow guild members, outside of raiding.

Optimally prepared character: You should put a necessary amount of effort into your character. That is something that will be defined more precisely in Shadowlands.

Knowing what mythic raiding demands from players: there are no “guaranteed” spots in the raid. The situation might require switching people on the encounter for specific reasons.



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Still looking for:
DPS Monk/DK/Hunter/Druid/Priest
Healer Paladin/Shaman/Priest/Druid

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Looking for:
DPS Hunter, Druid, or Warlock

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