[H] Juiced (PvE) - Looking for a fresh start? We could be it

Juiced are a new horde guild formed following the meltdown of our previous collective. We have a strong core of players currently running heroic & mythic SL dungeons, and are lookin to bring other like minded players onboard to build out a raid team for Castle Nathria.

Our core values are focused on the player and creating a relaxed, active, diverse and open environment for people to enjoy all forms of PvE content. We want to get to know people and keep things close-knit. We honestly couldn’t care less if you’re a #1 ranked dps in RIO or someone who’s just starting out, for us it’s all about being part of a community and we’d much rather bring in players with a friendly personality than big-dick dps or try-hards with a poor attitude.

We can’t promise a world, realm or even faction first, but we can promise an environment where everyone who wants too gets a chance to do the end-game PvE content and be involved in shaping the future of the guild.

If this sounds like the kind of guild you’re looking for please either /w me in game (Icklepickle-Doomhammer) or look for Juiced in the guild finder tool.

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