[H] [kazzak] <ISC> 3/10M RECRUITING

(Kazzak) is looking for additional members to fill our weekly progression team. We are currently 3/10 M , we raid on Wednesday/Sunday: 20:00 -23:00 ST. We have an optional (HC) raid on Thursday for alts.
We are a family friendly guild who aims to build friendships while progressing through content. The goal is to move deeper into Mythic progression as our raid team strengthens.



Healers (Resto Shaman / Holly Paladins preferred)
Ranged Class (Mage/Warlock/Priest)

Melee DPS (Arms Warrior/W Monk/UH DK)

#any exceptional other DPS will be considered

Requirements for Joining:
-95 % attendance
-English speaking
-Have a mic and be vocal
-A healthy attitude towards gearing/improving your character and knowledge towards your class and current raid

& We currently are open for any applicants for our M+ and social

If you are interested feel free to reach out to any of our officers and we will set up an interview on discord:
Bafkat#6451 , Dobla#5721 , Gripton#9931, Makavile#3514, Soey#8147

Thank you for your interest, see you in the Shadowlands!