[H] Kazzak <Its Not A Cult> LF more raiders (heroic)

ITS NOT A CULT is a casual 2-days raiding guild. We are a handful of players who have been playing together since the end of Legion.

Having done some mythic in the past now we are aiming at more casual AotC raiding. We are by no means a “try-hard” guild. We like to play in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, to joke around and have fun. At the same time, we are capable of focusing on any given challenge.


We follow the principle “bring a player, not a class”, however, we are in need of certain classes and roles (it would be appreciated if you can play those):

Evoker(AUG/DEV), Shaman(DPS/Heal), Warlock, Warrior(DPS), Hunter, Paladin(DPS/Heal)


Wednesday: 21:00-23:30
Thursday: 21:00-23:30


Hey, me and my friend are looking for a nice and chill guild to join. I currently play Pala DPS and he plays monk healer. Mind giving us a go?

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