[H] [Kazzak] Synopsis 10/10H 1/10M Recruiting

Lok’tar Ogar!
We are recruiting once again to keep progressing through mythic.
Currently we are open for all applications of exceptional players but the classes most in need are:
MM Hunter HIGH
Fire Mage HIGH
Disco Priest MED
Shadow Priest MED

We are a casual approach to mythic raiding 2 nights a week.
Tuesday and Thursday 19:45-23:00.
Toxicity and Elitism is not allowed and we are trying to get a steady core squad together.
Socials and Myth+ pumpers are very welcome aswell ofcourse and a combination of raiding with these would be amazeballs.

Please apply with a link to Armory and Warcraftlogs.

For more information please get in touch
Disc: Arrachea#9817
Bnet: Warchief#21366