[H] <Kingdom Of The Wicked> English guild on a 'Polish' server

Hello fellow warcraftians!

Kingdom Of The Wicked is a band of misfits who try to find a safe heaven for all the English people stranded on ‘Polish’ server. We are currently filling out our roster for raiding, but have people who do just PvP or mythic dungeons. There is a place for everyone.

Our current progress is 10/10H but we are looking for more people to join our ranks for a smooth 9.1 progression. If you are interested in a chilled guild with heroic raiding in mind get in touch! The guild community is awesome with people running old content for mogs, levelling alts and helping to gear any characters as long as we have the time :slight_smile:

If you would like to see some English chat - message me on discord @Venge#7817 or bnet @Venge#21468. - looking forward to hearing from you guys! - Join the Wicked.


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