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Hi there,

KINSFOLK is currently recruiting ALL classes and specs to bolster our core raid team. We have been farming T4 content for a while and are now in preparation for Phase 2.

The vision for the guild:

Our biggest value is enjoying the game and our community. We are achieving this goal by always making sure there is strong behind the scenes raid prep followed by a serious raid environment, that still leaves room for laughs on voice chat while clearing trash for example.

We’re looking to be clearing all new raid-content within the first 2 weeks of its release.
It is important to note that we’re by no means a speedrunning guild. Our philosophy is that WoW Classic is at its best when world buff meta, as a now old example, is left out of the picture. Thas being said we have certain expectations and requirements from our raiders such as turning up to raid with consumes and right attitude etc.


[ST] 2100 - 0000 Wed/Sun
We are a two raid-night per week guild. Currently clearing kara with 2 teams on the wednesday nights with plans to have a 3rd kara team on the go asap. Leaving Sundays for both the 25 man content which is being cleared in around an hour.

Loot Distribution

Our loot system is a transparent loot council using thatsmybis.

What kind of player we are looking for:

First and foremost, we’re looking for fun, open minded, friendly human beings that have a lot of experience playing WoW.
You’re expected to come into the guild with a passion for playing the game, and a want to clear all of the content with us in an efficient manner.
You will be expected to have good attendance to raids. research your class as well as raid encounters, and bring a positive attitude to every raid. As long as you have good experience and again a passion for completing all TBC content you will be considered.

Contact us on Discord:

Kwiddo#5634 - GM
Hoodlum#5858 - GM
Plzdont#9428 - Office
Dodged#4192 - Officer

We look forward to hearing from you!

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