[H] <Kroneri> Horde, recruiting, semi-HC

Hi all,

Basic info
looking for people to fill up our raid ranks.
We are a group of mature ex-HC and some casual players from vanilla to retail.
We dont plan on being HC now but in the 1-2 raids per week we do plan to clear content in a timely and enjoyable manner.

Current progress
MC + Onyxia on farm in less than 2 hours per raid with full raid

Target audience
Mature people that have a clue about how to play the game.
Perform to the best of your abilities, do your role well, handle criticism.
Show up for raids on time.
Speak english.

Our vision of the guild
The raid should be enjoyable and without hickups.
Serious when the situation requires it, chill, relaxed, joking around otherwise.
Clear ruleset for raiding and gearing, without any favoritism.

Currently recruiting:
“Bring the player not the class”. That in mind here is the current need:
Tanks - Low
DPS and healers - High

Raid times
Sunday, 19:00 server time start.
Off raid (if needed with further content): Thursday 19:00 server time

Loot rules
EPGP (fresh start from 10.2.)

For more information, pm on discord or ingame
Ingame Azyz - Discord Azyz#0710
Ingame Anetho
Ingame Munze
Ingame Bruk
(or just /w any guild member to direct you to someone in charge)

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