[H] <Lac Lactis Meus Cactus> 6/10M are recruiting!

Recruiting DPS classes for Mythic progression!
We may also be interested in Healers or a single Tank position, please contact an officer if you’re interested!

Formerly the server’s number 1 Horde raiding guild back during WOTLK. We are now older, wiser and more chilled out.

We don’t believe in shouting at people, we don’t believe in being a d*ck. We just hope people are able to learn from mistakes, are happy to adapt when necessary and willing to do their part to get stuff done! We are aiming for Cutting Edge and are in search of like minded players.

We are particularly keen on recruiting active mythic raiders who are chill, keen to progress and can meet our current prog raiding hours: Wed, Thurs and Sun 8:30 - 12:00 realm time.

If you are not able to meet the hours above then you can still apply, however activity would be rewarded as we progress further into the content.

We are happy to take on less experienced players providing they are willing to put the effort in to learn their class and do what is necessary for the upcoming bosses. I myself started with only 1 curve achieve from Legion and now we’re here! :slight_smile:

Heroic Trial Raids are held Mondays and will help us to see if you are Mythic ready!

18+ guild: /w an officer or apply in game if interested!

Great guild! Would recommend!

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