[H] <last spot> semi-hardcore pve/pvp guild


PvE/PvP Semi-hardcore Horde | Razorgore

About us:
We are an already consolidated guild in the server with an excellent core who has been playing together since day 1 of Classic. We have created a very healthy community, feeling like a big family while being very competitive at the same time. We are all very experienced and good players.

Our main goals are progressing and clearing all the upcoming PvE content. We are getting ready for BWL. We clear Onyxia split groups + MC in under 3 hours.

We are creating a solid Battleground roster to have a great impact in the PvP of the server. Some of us have rank1 experience in RBG and Arenas and can lead a good group.

• A good raiding attitude
• Knowledge of your class and gear
• High attendance
• Consumables
• Good vibes in the guild

• Current Progression — 10/10 MC and 1/1 ONY

Schedule (server time)
• Thursdays 20:30 invite | 21:00 pull | 00:00 end
• Sundays 18:30 invite | 19:00 pull | 22:00 end (if needed)

Loot distribution
• Transparent and fair Lootcouncil

What are we looking for?
Warlock: Low
Shaman: High (resto)
Hunter: High
Mage: Low
Druid: High (feral and resto)
Priest: High (only Shadow)
Rogue: Medium
Warrior: Very low

You can contact me via Discord or ingame: Dstrokek. Or any other officer of Last Spot.

Thank you

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Bump! Shamans and Hunters very needed!

We are still in need of Shamans! No matter their specc as long as they are good players!

just you guys wait :smiley:

Big BUMP! Expecting to see clear progress in BWL!