[H] Late night guild - Draenor <Casual Imperfection> recruiting 1/10m SoD

Casual Imperfection is a late-night raiding guild formed in the run up to Shadowlands by a few cutting-edge raiders looking to build a home for like-minded lost souls who can’t necessarily raid at ‘normal’ times due to either work or family commitments.

The aim of the guild is to be able to clear each raid tier whilst it remains relevant and also develop a healthy M+ community. We expect raiders to be switched on and focussed during raids.

Previous mythic raiding experience is a plus but maturity and attitude are more important traits so if you are competitive and want to progress as far as possible, then Casual Imperfection could the place for you!

Raid Schedule

Wednesday, Thursday and Monday - 23:00 - 01:30 Server Time

After a brief hiatus to break up the mind-numbing monotony of the longest first tier I can remember, we are back and looking to bolster our ranks with a couple of healers and a small number of ranged DPS

Social applicants are also welcome and mythic+ plays a big part of our play schedule outside of raiding.

If any of this sounds interesting, or you have any questions, feel free to post in this thread or reach out in game to


Do not run away little girl, we have spoils of war to distribute. Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Greetings. My name is Jacob, over 30 yo, looking for a mature guild with late night raiding schedule ( 21:00 ST and later) to fit in. My passion is Mythic Plus, however I would like to contribute to a raiding. Fluently speaking in English, so don’t mind my Cyrillic nickname. Can transfer to any server needed. Have a powerful PC, so no freezing excuses in raids)
Looking also to be a part of a guild where people are more than just a pixels in raid for a few hours a week.
If you think I’m your guild material please PM me to Discord : GoldenDragon#2711, or to BT : GoldenDragon#2485.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Recruiting going well so far, still looking for quality dps and priest healer, please check out our wow progress

We are still looking for committed players to venture into Sanctum of Domination and beyond. Check us on wowprogress for up to date recruitment needs and reach out

Recruitment Still Open - Looking for healers with Disc priest being a high priority

Still looking for a discipline priest

Looking for a healer (either a priest or druid) and 1 RDPS

Still Looking for raiders - Healers - Druid and priest

Recruitment still Open LF warlock main

Exceptional healers and dps still considered

Check our wowprogress page for more details

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