[H] <Le Knight Club> 10/10N 3/10HC - Recruiting all! Growing fast! Ranged DPS needed! Mythic/PVP content to be pushed come build a team here!

Join us today ! All welcome !

Le Knight Club is a starter guild of past WoW players returning to the game we have been settled in for a few months now and are pushing mythic / raid content and looking for people wanting to jump in and learn or teach

You might have grown tired of your current guild and need more opportunity or just be anxious to try harder content

We are positively looking for people to build and learn and we are also happy to welcome anyone with experience wanting to progress in a relaxed guild with no nonsense or drama , do you want to know more ?

We want to expand and retain a strong dedicated stable of members to level , socialise , progress and improve for raiding / mythics / PvP / transmog & mount runs and anything else that can be achieved in game , do you want to know more ?

We have all played in some capacity since Vanilla and are looking for all levels of experience all that required is dedication and participation and the right attitude and approach to build and shape a community to enjoy the game with , do you want to know more ?

We are UK based though not UK exclusive all are welcome , ages range from 30+ and on daily from 1900 GMT , we all have experience running guilds in various games including WoW and are looking for others to be a part of the team as we grow , do you want to know more ?

If you are still interested just check over the below and get in contact

Requirements from you

21+ years old and a mature attitude

Competent approach to your gaming

Is able to join in confidently and not be afraid to ask or get stuff wrong

Mic / Discord and basic manners on comms

Helpful and fun approach to all you do

Competent level of English

What we offer

Mature mentality , approach and humour

As much content as we can do together

To foster an environment of learning the harder content and succeeding

Informal atmosphere

No drama no blouses

Experience in guild leadership

Fair and share for all spoils of war and content

What we are not

L337 , pRo , OMGZ , pWNt kiddies

Drama queens

Elitist morons

Lazy or unfocused, we play every night


Socials are welcome and openly encouraged if they decide they want to try PvP / raiding etc later on

Leadership opportunities will be there for the taking as numbers grow

Again we welcome all just be able to communicate clearly and 21+

Leave a message here or whisper us in game , also on guild finder in game :slight_smile:






Hey, we need healers :slight_smile:


Still recruiting all classes, definitely need healers though!

Just an update we are now set to raid Thursday and Friday night each week , still recruiting all classes and experience

Hey there!

Do you need a Mw monk? (Main)


Hey me and my partner are starting on Kazzak after as a fresh start. We are a MM hunter and the other is still undecided but experienced in most if not all classes. So flexible and willing to adapt. please let me know

Absolutely if the guild appeals to you please join you can use the in game guild finder or whisper me I am online now but logging off soon

This also applies to you Grinji but it would not let me reply twice :roll_eyes:

Joined this guild not long ago, and i can only agree with all so far. If u want to enjoy this game, here is your place. We do all, we do nothing but we have fun :wink:

PS: And kill freaking Sire, hate that dude :wink:

Update 10/10N to 2/10HC over the last few weeks

3/10HC Looking for ranged DPS for raid content all classes for PVP and Mythic content

Looking for more ranged DPS

Still Looking for members to round out our core raid team. We’re just missing a handful of players to get consistent runs at HC, come & claim your spot today!
All classes welcome but we mainly need Ranged DPS.

9/10HC on my pala looking to start playing on my warrior if you are looking for dps at all