[H] Lemon 9/10 Hc |Recruiting | WED/SUN 7-10 ST

About the guild

Lemon is a new guild formed by a dedicated core group of friends looking to complete high end content, raiding 2 days x 3 hours. The main goal of Lemon is to progress through heroic and mythic content as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’re always striving to be the best we can be. Although we are first and foremost a semi-hardcore guild and take it very seriously, we often spend time together outside of raids, pushing mythic +, PvP, and playing other games together.

Raid Schedule

Wednesday 7-10 ST
Sunday 7-10 ST



Understand that we have strict expectations as pertains to player performance. If you are not proficient with your class, or have any desire to improve / take criticism you need not apply.
If you believe you would be an improvement to the guild, we would like to hear from you. Your class and preferred specialization doesn’t matter, we’re looking for the player not the character.


An understanding of your class, mechanics, and the game itself.

A positive outlook towards raiding and willingness to learn and improve.

Dedication, we’re looking for players that will consistently be on time and ready to raid on our dedicated days.

Competence. (Showing up to raids prepared; knowledge of the encounters etc.)


Battle.net - CrankyPants#1106833 // Chubby#2613 // Bastien#2833 //
Discord - ginseng#8630

Really fun raiding with you guys!

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