[H] LF A chill normal raiding / mythic+ guild


I’ve been playing the game since mid-Legion (so still kinda new), and after finally building my own PC, I want to get into the main features of what the game has to offer.
I main Spriest, but also have a Havoc DH and a Bdruid all at 393-395ilvl and can easily switch between all 3. I can listen, follow instructions easily and work well within a team.
Although my experience is lacking, I’d say I’m a competent player, but I always have room to improve and I’m more than willing to put the effort in to do that.

As a side note, I’m 22yrs old and from the UK.

Thanks for reading :smiley:

Btag: lochamocha#2839

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Hey there. Add me on battlenet and we can chat about what you’re after :slight_smile:




Please add me Sala#2895

Guild: None So Fierce 6/9 HC


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