[H] LF Causal friendly mature guild - any server

Hi Guys, take 2 of looking for a mature, social & casual guild, im an older gamer and am looking for a guild with older peeps in it (mainly people who will be old enough to get my various geekisms about star wars and 80’s cartoons).

Im after a place that doesn’t just say they are casual/social/mature etc but actually is, where people raid, do M+'s, tmog runs, events etc together as a guild, not just in little cliques, a place where i can logon say ‘hi guys’ and get some ‘hi’ s back, id like to raid but am not fussed at what level, if your mythic smashing and are going to go through my combat logs to critique people then your guild isn’t for me :slight_smile: but best of luck raiding.
Im mainly healer or dps, i tired tanking once… didnt end well. Ive raided since vanilla, have played all expansions thus far but have struggled the last two expansions with finding a guild home, and part of that is maybe on me, maybe my expectations above are unrealistic… but im hoping not
If you wish to know more or chat feel free to add Morathi#21177
if you know whwere the battletag name is from… thats a good sign your guild maybe the right guild :wink:

Hallo Xankira,

may i suggest “The Forlorn Order” on Defias Brotherhood cluster?

We have a similar background, you and I, and i can vouch for this guild as a perfect fit for an old gamer. Quite active on peak, very friendly and relaxed.

Give us a shot. Also a shout, maybe just before shooting. Guild is full of Tauren, they need a moment to get a decent cover.

(Recruitment thread in Defias Brotherhood sub-forum).

Hope to see you soon.

Hey man, please check the below, and if you like it, we can chat more.


If you can consider a late night guild, I would suggest for you to check our recruitment post here. Most of our members range from mid 20s till late 40s

If not, best of luck in finding a guild that can suit you!