[H] LF Guild Lightning's Blade

Hello, I am an hard working father of a 5 month little diperfiller. With that said, i am looking for a guild with some nice ppl i can play with on the occations that i an sit down and play.

A bit of info about me:
35 years of age from the glorious land of sweden, have been playing since vanilla. Raided most in vanilla and to about cata. So no hard core raider but with a fast learning curve. Playing elemental as main right now and enjoy that spec. experementing a bit as resto to but I am still not comfortable with that spec yet.

So what am i looking for in a guild?
ideally a guild that raids normal/heroic and do M+ that one can join in on when I have time to play. most often i can play thursday, friday, saturday and monday eavning. Other than that it’s just a social guild with some fun ppl to talk to and jump in and do some content.

If you think i match what you are looking for or need to know more about me tou can contact me on my bnet: MrGrehn#2916.

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