(H) LF Guild


Firstly, I’m wondering why there aren’t any recent posts on this forum?

But, the main point of this thread is because I am looking for a guild on these servers, I have 4 level 120’s, a Rogue, Priest, Mage, DK…all quite good geared but I’m still a bit unsure about which one to main in SL.

I’m interested in raiding, dungeons and dabble in PvP but never played it all that seriously.
I’m 28, have a full time job and live in the UK, this should reflect upon what times I can be online.

Any more information needed, just ask, I don’t want to bore you with a wall of text.
Hopefully I get some response from this, as the game is improved massively with a good group of people to play it with.

Thanks in advance,

It’s mostly cause players can’t be bothered when the forum is nearly dead :slight_smile:

You’re welcomed to join the Brotherhood, we’re a group of mature people, venturing thought the game togheter, each at their own pacing.

Best of luck in finding a matching community, if not.

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