[H] LF HC raiding ,casual ,ACTIVE guild


I have a Holy priest main, 375 ilvl, but my guild consists of 3 - 6 max ppl online at 8 in the evening. I understand many ppl take a break, but I assumed that it would take up speed again after christmas holidays when I joined, BUT ppl only come to raid and then log off again.

That is not what I am actually looking for.

I do not really raid Mythic, or push keystones, but I like an active community, I have days when I feel less sociable but that is normal , but atm I feel like I joined only a raid group but not a guild.

So anyone need a Holy priest ? Do fun stuff aside of raids and there are ppl actually online in the evenings? Feel free to post.

I like doing transmog and mount runs if time permits and am an altoholic and collector.

Raids should be 2 times a week max and not go longer than 23:00 o’clock server time.


8/8 HC - 2/8 M semi hardcore guild currently recruiting for the next raid tier.

We are looking for priests of all specs and a tank with a good dps offspec and any exceptional players are always welcome.

We do M+ through out the week and have a big social group and also PvP together from time to time. We cover every aspect of the game so everyone is welcome!

We have a very relaxed atmosphere, everyone is extremely friendly and helpful and would like people of the same mentality to join our family to make your experience more fun!

For more info, please contact me on


Hi there.

We may be what you are looking for. ill drop this link here, but you can get me on my battletag is chilly55#2619



Hey Merilith, Curve Cartel are a HC raiding guild and we engage in mythic keystones most evenings as well as other content the game has to offer. We are formed from a close group of friends who are hoping to build a community of likeminded people who like progress in the game but without the stress and anxiety that comes with hardcore guilds. We are in need of a healer at present (mainly so I can go back to DPS spec haha) so if you’re interested, give me a bell on Dynamo#2210 =D

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Hello there, Merilith!
I got a good feeling about you and would like to suggest taking a good look at Apostles!

We’re a pretty laid back community that flexes around real life and other issues. Mostly made up of ex-hardcore raiders who got old, had children and work commitments etc, we aim (and succeed) to get Curve every raid since we returned for BFA (we were in legion too). A good family feel, with plenty to do outside of raids and a good social core who like to hang out on voice comms too. If interested, please give our post a look over and feel free to contact me either on Discord: Darksunlight#0486 or Battlenet: Sirelias#2106. You’ll find the details here: [H] Apostles | Heroic Raiding | M+ | Social Community

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HI if your looking for a good home we could be the guild for you, We are looking to continue Heroic progress for all tiers.
We also do M+ and some Pvp together would like to add you to our family :smiley: We raid Wed/Sun 8pm server.
After this raid we are going straight to Heroic and more. So please read about us and thanks for reading hope to see you in game :rooster:

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