[H] LF team mates for Turbo 3v3


I’m old 2,5+ exp arena player with around 2,1 current season experience looking for people to make stable team for 3v3 (Turbo cleave). I’m looking for people who are mature, already have some arena experience and are willing to stick together and tryhard to push rating for gladiator. Feel free to add & message me on discord (Athexyo#6892) if you are:

  • Mature and chill
  • Already got previous 2k+ arena experience
  • Willing to stick to the team and play together regularly
  • Willing to use discord for communication
  • Willing to learn from mistakes and make constructive criticism
  • Playing enhancement shaman or holy paladin

Posting it here since I didn’t have any luck for longer term teaming up with people from LFG.

Cheers & peace,

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