[H] LF weekend guild


Two players are looking for a guild, interested mainly in raiding but also in M+ and in all other cool things that a group of players could do together. Well, maybe less so in PvP.

Player A: rogue / warlock / warrior [tank main spec]
Player B: mage

We are both in our late 20s. We have a mature, composed, and reasonable attitude, and we expect the same from our potential guild. We both have a curious nature and try to understand how the game works on a fundamental level, what rules govern the things that happen on the screen, and how do we control all of it. But it’s all in a manner more akin to childish fascination than obnoxious elitism. Both of us have serious RL commitments, so our main objectives are to have fun and socialise. Our preferred raid times are Fri/Sat evening or Sat/Sun daytime, although we could probably make an exception for a really cool guild. We are looking to start raiding as soon as the The Eternal Palace opens.