[H-LFG] Hunter lfg Mon+Sun Raiding



I’m looking for a raiding guild that raids on Sundays and Mondays as those are my off days from work. I’m still an active player throughout the rest of the week, but only during the evenings as I work long hours.

I’m mostly looking for a dedicated but fun mythic raiding guild. I’ve played since vanilla but took a long break from late Cataclysm to Legion, and then from Uldir to the latest patch. I’m a rather competitive player and I enjoy trying to push the most DPS that I can while avoiding and using boss mechanics to my advantage. Since I took a long break from proper raiding , I’ve only got some older stuff to show off (a few realm firsts in wotlk and rhok’delar from vanilla).

I also enjoy chatting away on discord and playing other games such as HotS.



Hey there Shalla!

We run a pretty casual guild currently at 8/8 HC, raiding on Thursdays Sundays and Mondays. If you however are interested feel free to drop me a msg on bnet! Mav#2741


Found a home, thanks for the replies :).