[H][Lightbringer-Mazrigos][18+] <Samsara> Casual Raiding

Samsara is looking for more members for our raids, we raid 2 times a week on Monday and Wednesday 21:00 - 0:00 server time.

Who are we?

Samsara is a social raiding guild, active since 2007. We value a relaxed atmosphere during raids above all else and we strive for progress, our view is we need to have a laugh and fun while doing so.
We try to offer you a relaxed and fun place to be around along with our members who are a mix of past hardcore raiders who no longer have the time to do so, new players and people who just enjoy spending time with friends and have a great time.

What we offer:

  • Relaxed and easy going raiding
  • No strict attendance rules, we understand that sometimes things can interfere.
  • A lot of funny and random banter
  • Stability, we have been around since 2007 we aren’t going anywhere.

Who are we looking for:

Since we are a social raiding guild we do not recruit specific classes; everyone is welcome (though we are especially happy with some melee), social and raiders alike. However, from raiders we do ask to have a positive attitude towards raiding, progress and understand the need/application of constructive criticism.

Apply at:


If you have questions, or for more information come over to our discord (discord.gg/QKv7PzP) or contact one of our officers through battle net:

  • Kenneth959#2131
  • Dia#21155
  • Dimma#2555


You guys also do key runs together? I like doing raids, but I also really love doing key runs. Weirdly, I can’t seem to change my character on bnet, at the moment I play as main elemental shaman, alts are holy priest and this prot warrior.

Sadly not really enjoying things in my current guild. Just looking around what is the best place for me. Pugging justs isn’t my thing, plus due to this score stuff going on, it’s also impossible to join a decent pug run, even if I can do it :-).

Updated Officer information

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