[H] Looking for a Guild - 4/10M Holy Priest

I know, I know, it’s wildly unfashionable and you all want Discipline - but Holy really does have a place in raids.

I’m looking for a relaxed guild, with some genuine and decent people who don’t get agitated at mistakes (because, let’s face it, we all make them). You might still be running Heroic content which is fine with me - I’m always happy to help out there - and you’ll be wanting to progress but not desperate to do so.

I can offer you an experience player, knows his class pretty well and is well geared (i248 if that matters) and also likes to run M+ dungeons too. I’m not a loot hoarder, I’m in it for the enjoyment and the fun.

If you’re very hardcore and looking for 11/10 and EC in a matter of days I’m likely not a good fit. Similarly, if you’re content with running Normal mode and happy to get 5/10 here I’m also unlikely a good fit. Like Goldilocks, I want something that’s ‘just right’ - and probably you do too !

Interested ? Ping me on B/NET: Nari#2213 or Discord: Nariella#4250

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