[H] - Looking for a guild


I’m looking to join a Guild for Dragonflight.

I’m someone that started playing WoW well back when the game first released, and have raided in Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK and WoD, but rarely properly since then.

I actually skipped Shadowlands completely but have been busy levelling characters ready for DF and now have 6 x level 60s, with a level 50 and level 60 token still to use.

I’m interested in joining a more friendly casual Guild. I’m not necessarily looking to raid, it’s very unlikely that I would have the schedule to regularly attend, but it would be nice to join runs for content when I can.

I’m not sure which character I will main in DF yet, I’ve levelled Warrior, Mage, Priest, Druid, Shaman and Warlock to 60. Not even decided on specs yet either, I usually like to have a tank, healer and some DPS.

I’m tempted to give Shaman a go for the first time ever, but also have 2 x tokens to use which may be on Paladin and DK.

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