[H] Looking for a stable 3s team

Howdy folks
I’m a Ret main (but can also play mage, lock or DK) with lowly 2kxp from last season and this time around I’ve quit CE raiding to try to get to at least 2.4 - and hopefully glad.
Well, problem is that I don’t really have a team. If you are interested, give me a nudge on discord Ivar#8221

I’m a MM hunter main, just started with this season so still low rated.
I also quit raiding/pve to focus on pvp with my goal to hit glad. I’m 2,2k exp from past.
I’m looking for calm mates who try to learn and improve and don’t rage over a mistake. I’m looking for long term mates so no hard feeling if we don’t hit the goal this season, the next season will come.

If interested add me ingame Quikx#2753