H Looking for an RP guild

Hi AD,

I am looking for a guild for my Tauren Sunwalker. After being exposed to the horrors of the 4th war he is feeling jaded and disillusioned, what I am after is some kind of military RP that will renew his faith in the Horde, or some kind of free spirited adventurer guild. Also sometimes it would be nice to occasionally run dungeons but that’s not my main concern my main concern is RP, either events or just casual sitting around the campfire/inn and chatting. I’m quite new to WoW but not to RP.

Now here is the tricky part, by about 9pm sever time I will be logged out and spending time with my family so I am really looking for events either on weekend afternoons or early weekday evenings which I understand is a bit difficult for most people.

If anyone is in or knows of any guilds that sound like they’d fit please let me know.



To clarify that’s no longer my character’s name I have an RP appropriate one now I’m not sure why it still says that here

Hrah-hah! You should look into the Thirteenth Orgrimmar Grunt Infantry, also known as the Hand of Conquest, brother! Mighty Sunwalkers have walked our ranks in the past! FOR THE HORDE! :muscle:


You could also check Red Ventures, they are a mercenary guild that accepts any Horde races and might be a nice fit for you.

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Military RP you say?!
Look no further, Hand of Conquest is probably the pick you’d wanna go with. I personally like the grunt RP that they do, a really nice bunch. You should check them out.


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