[H] Looking for guild


Recently my guild disbanded and I’m looking for a new home to do m+ and raid. Maybe some pvp but i’m beginner.
I have aotc this tier and did all keys’s above 15’s on both toons. I prefer 2-3 day raiding guild max 3-4 hours.
About me:
Im’ 28 from Poland. I have time to play nearly every single day around 8pm ST due to my work and irl stuff. If You want to talk add my bnet siwy#2981. I’m the type of person that prefer talking with people than writing so it would be best to talk on discord etc. about guild stuff.

My characters:
WW Monk
Destro Warlock(my favorite)

Hello! you are more than welcome to join Sanctify! :smiley: we do M+, raid and some Pvp :smiley: