[H] Looking for guild

Hey folks,

I’ve played wow since 2006ish, on and off, generally quite a bit in the colder months and then little for the summer. Recently returned to wow after a break and have loved shadowlands. Re-rolled as a Hunter and having a great time playing with my (freshly returned to wow) wife.

We both jump on for a few hours when we get time, and we have a couple more IRL friends that like to join too. It would be great to be a part of a Guild community again as its been many many years.

I know my way around wow, but would love some folks to run a couple of low key mythic with, some raiding, perhaps the odd BG or two and even a bit of RP from time to time.

Most of all, we are just looking for some folks to hang out with, cover some content with and just to have fun with. We are never going to be frequently pushing high key or world firsts, but it would be great to be a part of something bigger.

Please reach out if you’re an established guild, with a few older folks in it and looking for members. It would be a privilege to chat.

Stay well

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