[H] Looking for serious raiding guild


First of all let me start by saying I’m a returning player to BFA. I’ve been playing the game for around 10 days now, I’m ilvl 433 and my necklace is level 66.

I used to play in a serious NA team as I was living in Canada for Legion in got Cutting Edge up to and including Guldan.

I moved back to the EU and didn’t manage to pick up the game until now. I’ve parsed in orange for most my raiding life. I’m looking to join a guild in Horde who grind Normal-Heroic and of course Mythic every week. I main a Havoc DH and I’m available to raid every night except Monday and Wednesday (due to work commitments, but it never changes static roster).

I’m currently in Stormscale Horde but would be willing to move.

I know due to my iLvL and Artifact level I won’t be walking into any mythic progression but I would love to join a team who will initially allow me to join for the Normal and Heroic runs and then trial and train me for Mythic. I’m a serious gamer who will commit.

Please add me on discord if you wish to discuss anything further with me or would like any more details about me.


Hey a couple of my friends run a raiding guild on Twisting Nether, heres one of there battletags - Donzie#21390

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Thank you very much.