(H) < Lore Reasons > Looking for members for Heroic Raiding

Afternoon all.

< Lore Reasons > is a group of RL friends from the UK looking for more members to fill out our group for casual heroic raiding so we no longer need to rely on PuGs.

We are ideally looking for members who will fit in well with the group, which is made up of a variety of experience levels; from new players to players who have been raiding progression since TBC. We usually aim to get everyone curve in decent time.

Due to busy RL schedules, we usually group together for PvE on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays at 8:30pm sever time.

There are no requirements beyond not being woefully under-geared for current content. If interested, whisper me in game or drop me a message on Discord @No Fun Allowed#8683.


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