[H] <Lost Rowsdowers> Weekend Raiding Guild 1/10 M - Recruiting

About Us
Lost Rowsdowers is a social raiding guild, founded in WildStar in 2014 and moved over to World of Warcraft in 2016. We like to do events ingame and outside of WoW, playing others games & generally having fun on Discord. Usually we have a social event twice a week and we raid two days a week focusing on Normal and Heroic progression through the raid content.

We’re looking for like-minded people to bolster our ranks, be it for social or raiding purposes. Most of our recruiting comes from friends of friends joining us, but we’re also looking outside of that for new people to join us. Our long term members are a tight-knit group who get along well and joke at the expensive of each other (but all in good fun), and welcome new members with open arms. We offer you a friendly environment where there is fun to be have!

Social Events
Usually on Wednesday and Fridays at 20.00 we have social events. This can vary from doing Mythic+ runs or an alt raid with the guild, from our ingame events such as fish football or a level 1 race, to events outside of WoW such playing D&D, Among Us, Jackbox Games together (and others) through Discord.

Raid Times
Our regular raids are on Saturdays (8-11pm ST) and Sunday (7-10pm ST). Food & flasks are supplied through the guild by feasts & cauldrons, and we have an hourly 3 minute break.

If you’re interested in joining us, give an officer a poke ingame or through Battle.net.
Nherz (nerzelan#2725), Deadbuut (phenomanom#21502), Powerspirit (premier98#2632), Nyendra (Nyendra#1982), Aureus (warbrew#2498) or Nova (Novahkiin#21346)

Can also contact me over Discord, Nerz#2932

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