[H] *Luna* - Recruitment


Luna is a hardcore guild which aims to remain on top of the server’s speedrunning leaderboards on Warcraftlogs.

Many of us are also avid PvPers and aim to have a strong presence in the world and in battlegrounds. We are looking for like-minded players whose goals align with ours.

What you can expect from us

  • A competitive but relaxed atmosphere. A group of people who share a progressive mindset where gear is only a means to an end. Your input into tactics and raid-related decisions are always welcomed. We cultivate a mature environment where everyone feels welcomed and able to be themselves.

  • We operate a fair loot council that rewards performance and dedication, formed of both raiders and officers. Our raids are at 19:45 server time every other Tuesday/Wednesday, with the occasional extra Sunday(Onyxia) raid as required. This allows for 12 days straight of PvP specs.

What we expect from you

  • We have a clearly set out guild charter that all members are expected to follow, which we are happy to share with you.

  • When it comes to recruitment quality is more important to us than quantity. We only recruit full-time raids spots, as such we expect a very high attendance from each of our members (90%+).

Current recruitment needs:

  • 1x Fury Warrior
  • 1x Mage
  • 1x Priest
  • 1x Resto Shaman

For more information, please whisper Adreena in game or adreena#9150 on Discord.

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