[H] MAGE 2/8 M LF guild


Hello everyone,

I am currently looking for a mythic progression guild for the new upcoming raid.
I wanna describe myself like a person with a good attitude during raid nights, always trying to improve myself and be better for the group I am working with, putting the effort required to perform well. I don’t want to describe myself like an excellent player but I do my best to not be felt as a weight for the roster during progression. That’s why I always try to be positive and think that I can improve even more with dedication and consistency.
The more important thing I believe I can bring to the raid, if you will consider me, is the fact that I am not a solo player, I know that progression requires a lot of teamwork for sure and it’s not only about scoring the big number on the dps meter.
I have had some mythic experience this tier (2/8 M) and the most decent result I got I think it was when I achieved CE on Mythic Archimonde during Draenor. During Legion I had both HC and mythic experience, got Aggramar kill but couldn’t achieve CE since the guild stopped raiding at some point.

Please contact me in game (btag is Kensar#21494) or through wowprogress if you are interested for an interview.
Thank you for your time reading this.

(Shaddel) #2

hey dude, interested in your post. take a look at our post and see if we are to your liking.