<H> Mage LFGuild


Hello folks, I´m an old vanilla hardcore player that did a big comeback to BFA.

I always enjoyed PVE more than PVP. Hence my post here.

I´m looking for a guild that raids Mondays and Sundays.

My class is mage, ilvl 380, raiderio score almost 1k. 8/8 HC 2/8 Mythic.

Im social and friendly. For the moment I´m at Kazzak, last transfer was from Kul Tiras.

Languages i speak English, Swedish and Greek.

I don´t mind doing a server transfer, but never a faction change.

For the Horde!


Hej! Titta genom detta och hör av dig om du verkar intresserad!


Hej! Tack att du tittade förbi. Tyvärr så verkar det inte vara intressant.

Lycka till! :smiley:

(Webby) #4

Hey man!
Drop me a message we need a mage :smiley: