[H] Magtheridon <Heretics>

Greetings Champion!

Are you looking for a social guild that runs regular M+ and raiding events?

is a guild that welcomes all players, whether you’re new to the game, or you’re a 17 year veteran. Our core philosophy is to have fun.

We raid HC every Wednesday and Sunday (raiders only during progression) and normal each Thursday. Mondays are M+ and we’ll match you with a group whether you need +2 or +15.

Here is what our members have to say:

“I love the non-pressure steadiness Heretics offers. The non toxicity of the guild, although not mythic raiding, got the skill sets to do mythic raids. Small close knit raid team, everyone offers help and information where possible and always have a solid group of people to talk to about problems if needed.” - Konvict

“I love the fact that the guild is open to all members no matter skill and knowledge levels. It’s a guild that you can feel comfortable in at the same time as having a night full of belly laughs. I joined the guild as a lost Holy Paladin and was given the help needed to become part of the main raid team and turn me into an average Holy paladin. No pressure is placed on you and mistakes are accepted. The guild is a family that lets you grow into whatever you want. And the guild leader isn’t too bad either”- Muskovardo

“I joined Heretics in the summer of '20 and the friendly atmosphere of the guild instantly hit me. Great thing about Heretics is it’s core social side; it’s always an active guild even when the game feels a bit dead - lots of events going on during the week (M+ and raiding) and an active discord server where we carry on the guild bants outside of the game. The raid team has a great atmosphere too, we like to have fun and killing bosses at the same time is a bonus” - Nereya

"I am being held here against my will (blinks in morse code)” - Batfink

“Don’t know how to word this without being too soppy but basically we’ve developed into a great group of real friends, who I genuinely look forward to spending time with in game and on discord as part of my actual life. Being someone without a huge amount of gameplay opportunity it’s so nice to be able to pop back and slot right back into things with batting an eye. Best guild eu.” - Ojin

“I’ll speak for the new/returning players. Any questions I’ve had have always been answered with clear and concise answers and someone always turns up to help if you are really struggling with anything. I’ve been able to join in with the raids and other guild activities pretty quickly thanks to a lot of help from everyone which has made logging in way more fun.” - Bozrep

Here are our rules:

i. Real life comes first . No matter what part of the guild you are, raider or social, we never expect you to prioritize the guild first. We will be here when you return. Look after yourselves.

ii. No elitism . We are a casual but dedicated group. Mistakes are not your green light to ambush people. This won’t be tolerated on any level.

iii. Have a sense of humour . There are some interesting mixes of humour in here, you will need to be flexible with that. However, be big and take responsibility if you do upset someone. Please figure out the line between funny and offensive and you’re good to go.

iv. Inactivity . We like to keep our roster tidy. Let an officer know if you’re taking a break, if you’re removed through inactivity you are welcome back.

v. Respect the raid environment . Our raids tend to be full of laughter and shenanigans, but we also get the job done. We have separate raid rules that will need to be followed. It is important to get to know your raid comrades and to follow the raid leader’s instructions . If s/he says jump, you say how high. If s/he says panic, you panic!

The rest is obvious. Be a decent human being and have fun.

If you’d like an invite you can DM me on BNet or sign up using the in-game guild finder

Join us! We’re looking forward to welcoming you into our community!

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