[H] Mature Guild Recruiting


Are you a newer player who has been looking to make the jump to organised dungeon running?

Well here’s your chance to get involved with a small established, active and social guild. The Inquisition (Chamber of Aspects, Horde) is looking for new members.

Our small but dedicated group is here to do everything from help newer players learn the craft, to running heroic/mythic/mythic+ dungeons, and when we’ve built up the numbers for it, raiding.

We are a group who is first and foremost interested in helping our players advance in their areas of interest, no snobs here looking to berate others on their dps, but instead to help guide those who want guidance and put together a close-knit group that can enjoy bants while progressing in BFA.

We are looking for older players (30+), organised events Wed/Fri/Sun (but we are always about outside of those times), English is our primary language, we welcome all specs/ classes. We’re fun-loving, we have a very dry sense of humour, so if you’re looking for an active, fun and enjoyable group to play with, feel free to add me ingame (grim#2128). For the Horde!

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