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Hi everyone,

Looking for some folks to progress heroic raid with. 10/10 NM req. We are currently 10/10 HC - 2 Raid days/week: Thursday & Monday. There is an optional gear run on Sundays.
We also have some M+ pumpers and are sociable. (in case you don’t feel like raiding)

Right now we are looking for people at least ilvl 205+ who capable of pulling their weight both mechanically as dps/heal wise.
We have 2 main tanks that are (for now always there), but one extra wouldn’t hurt.

Currently we are looking for:

Shadow Priest
MM Hunter

For our M+ roster we are looking for people pulling some 10+'s, everyone who enjoys this content is welcome -
the more the merrier as we can make multiple groups and see which people blend well together for highest + pushing.

Do not forget that we are still a casual guild and try to keep things friendly and grow together. If people make mistakes we try to help them improve instead of discarding them.

Do note that we have some rules during raids (obviously) to make it as smooth as possible.

You can contact us on Discord at:



Hope to hear from you.

Hi there, Was looking to find out yoru raid times?


Currently our raid times are set for Monday and Thursday 19:30-22:30 server time (GMT+1).

Small update: We are currently 9/10 HC.
Raid times are still Monday/Thursday 19:30 - 22:30 realm time.

We are looking for Resto Shaman, Disc-Priest, H-pala.
Any ranged dps with understanding of their class is also welcome.

-Chokotoff [GM]

We are still in need of core raiders.

Currently in need of:

Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman

Ranged DPS to fill out the ranged slots, preferably:
Second Mage, Boomkin, Warlock, Hunter and Shadow Priest.


Currently we have cleared Heroic raid and we are looking to start Mythic as soon as we have a set up of 20 core raiders.

Still in need of:

Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman

Ranged DPS to fill out the ranged slots.

Hi! Are you guys still in need of a Boomkin?

I’m 218 ilvl and got 9/10 HC experience.

All the best o/

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Our progression is currently 10/10HC.

We are looking to start Mythic when we have a full team, in the meantime we are re-clearing HC.

We still need:

Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman

Ranged DPS to fill out the ranged slots.

We are currently lookings for
Ranged dps: Spriest, MM hunter, affli lock, fire mage, boomkin.

Healer and tanks are welcome but will be given a reserve spot at the moment considering those Spots are already taken.

-Basse [Officer]

Add me on bnet Motionless#21836

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We have heroic on Farm, looking for ranged dps

We are currently sitting at 15 people in the core raid team and are still in need of one of each:

MM Hunter

Affli Warlock

Balance Druid

Shadow Priest (Preferably with Disc offspec)

Last spot is a fill.

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