H - Mirage Raceway - raiding guild - <pandion knights>

The Pandion Knights are a multi gaming clan who have been going for 15+ years. Our Facebook page and Discord channel has more information regarding the games we play. The average age of the players in the guild is 35, but we do have some in early 20’s and also 40s and 50s! You must be +18 to join.

The main raids are Wednesday/Sunday starting at 20:00 until 23:00 with others optional raids (if we have interest) on other nights to gear Mains/Alts. Chilled out non-hardcore players welcome and those who have time on their hands who may wish to play with a partner who does not have as much time, give us a try!? You do not have to raid every single week if you are not available, but you should attend if you can. We understand that work and real life can get in the way of WoW.

Our progression in WoW Classic WOTLK hasn’t been fast as other guilds (fully clear with some hard modes), but that’s the guild and how we wish to play! Maybe this is your kind of pace? We welcome those who have a lot more time to play, those who don’t (raider should try to meet the 50% attendance) and social members, but in terms of raiding progression, want to down all bosses for a new raid on the first night? Then we might not be the guild for you.

Discord is used for levelling alts, 5 man dungeons and raids, you don’t have to talk if you do not want to, but it is required for raiding and will be handy to have during dungeon runs. On non raid nights some of us will log onto Discord and chat and play WoW.

Although we are not hardcore, some effort will need to be put into gear prior to raiding so that we can kill the bosses! We learn together and we kill together. Message me if you have any questions

We are not looking for anyone in particular, just friendly people who have the same mind set. Socials more than welcome.

Please contact either Themaddogg, Tyranian, Sonofbane, Madgunner, Laazarus, Woylor or Tokela in game for more information. If any of these players cannot be found, /who Pandion Knights and /w any member who will point you to one of our alts.

Thanks for reading.

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