[H] <Misfit> Starting a boosting service


Hey there, folks!


<Misfit> is currently offering a boosting service, involving full heroic runs or just specific bosses, and a few mythic bosses at a, what we’d like to think, fair price! Anything is open to negotiations, of course.

We also provide Mythic+ boosts!


Our current price tags are as follows:

Full Heroic - 1 million

Ahead of the Curve - 400k

Specific Heroic Bosses - 100k

Full Normal - 500k

Mythic+ 10 key of your choosing or ours - 400k

Discounts may be provided with bulk buys!

SIDENOTE: During the first couple of weeks, we might not be boosting heroic depending on the difficulty of it. Post will be updated (or this will be deleted) depending on how it goes. We always aim to provide a quality boost that doesn’t waste anyone’s time and we want to be 100% sure we can do it in a proper manner!

Alongside the opportunity to get any type of loot you get with personal loot, we’ll also provide you with items that we personally don’t need!


Our current schedule is as follows:


This Sunday 27.1.2018 - 20:00 - Normal


Whenever we have a buyer we are most likely be ready the same day. This is open to negotiation. The boosters would be mostly 2k~ raider io or above.

For more information regarding this, feel free to contact us on battletags Virent#2155/dumbledoor#2561 or on Discord with name tags being Virent#6899/ or Andy / Anders#4595there!

Thanks for the interest and have a nice day. :slight_smile:

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