<H> Mithril Knights - Looking for Awesome Peeps (8/8h, 8/8m)

Sorry for the repost - it locked my old one, how rude!


Mithril Knights is currently recruiting any friendly souls that might be looking for a new home in our social roster. We are open to applications from exceptional players for our mythic raid team - but as one of the strongest 2 day raid teams about - the bar is quite high here!

About us:
Mithril Knights is a diverse group of individuals that have been brought together over the years for one purpose - to enjoy playing games together. We primarily play WoW of course, but amongst us we enjoy playing Overwatch, HoTS, PUBG, Warframe, CounterStrike, Civilisation, Warhammer, 7 Days to Die…and loads more. Our players consist of some of strongest raiders on the server, glorious PVP veterans, and of course people who play the game more casually. We believe in getting to know guildies on a first name basis and having a very ‘inclusive’ environment - we are also in love with Discord, best thing ever!

In Legion, we achieved server first and cutting edge for Mythic Argus - and are planning on kicking butt in BFA content now that is has arrived. Not only do we have a mythic progression team, we have a 2nd team also progressing through mythic.

Our Current progress:

Mythic Roster: 8/8 Heroic, 8/8 Mythic
Social Raid Team: 8/8 Heroic. 8/8 Normal

In Uldir, we achieved Cutting Edge and Realm First (and only) Mythic Guhuun Kills!

We are quite keen to help new players get to grips with the game, with raid opportunities for players starting out or at the peak of their game. We also have a keen group of individuals who enjoy pushing Mythic+ content.

Raid Schedule for BFA
Our raid days are primarily;

Mythic Raid Team:
Monday 19:30-22:30
Wednesday 19:30-22:30

Heroic Casual Raids:
Sunday 19:30-22:00

Normal Casual Raids
Thursday 19:30-22:30 (As required)

We also have other raid days now and then when demand arises.

Whenever a player is interested in joining, we always like to have a chat - because who needs an arbitrary application post, plus we are pretty good judges of character! Please get in contact with my myself or ask after an officer in game.

Stay awesome!

Further information and most recent recruitment details on our WowProgress Page (which I am not allowed to link here, but I am sure you can find it :smiley: )

Oh, sounds interesting!

Nice Guild
questionable Guildname though xD

plz send invite

Hype - Mythic Team has got Mythic Mekkatorque and Epic Team has got Mythic Opulence! Well Done to all involved!

The epic roster is currently looking for 1-2 reliable DPS peeps, and the Mythic Roster is looking for 1 outstanding DPS candidate for the roster.

PM me in game!

Good guild, thankfully not Alliance. Best MW server is in there I heard…

Can confirm the guild leader is a bird, join to find out which exactly.
We also have nice people

Agree with Dralnus

I’m tired of carrying the world on my shoulders. Care to carry me?


…10 chars no?

The only guild that has a non-triggering environment.

Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!

This guild is a good place to be. If you think you can handle being a decent human being then feel free to join in the fun!

The Mythic team has now downed Mythic Stormwall Blockade ! Almost there …

Still looking for one or two exceptional dps :slight_smile:

Yes we good

The Epic Roster just downed Mythic Conclave! Good Work tot hem!

They are still looking for 1 capable player to join their ranks, pref a ranged DPS or maybe a healer

Oh, nice! Good job

Crucible Cleared on Heroic! We are looking forward to down it on Mythic Now :slight_smile:

We are still on the look out for 1 capable player for both epic and mythic rosters. Hit us up!

I like this guild!

EU 5th on Heroic Crucible, join now, before it’s too late. /RocketMan