[H] Monk Tank LF Raiding Guild

Hi all

I recently realm transferred from Draenor and am looking for a raiding guild to push for curve with in the New Year.

A little about me: I’m a 31m easy-going guy, been playing since Cata & raiding since MoP. I’m hoping to find a group of mature people to enjoy the game with and hopefully make some steady raid progress. I’m a pretty active player who’s also up for some M+ etc.

Ideally I’m looking to raid 2 nights per week, preferably between mon-fri inclusive, but am open to other options.

I’m currently 10/10nm, 3/10hc CN - 197ilvl.

Any questions, drop me a message here or add me in game if you want a chat -

Merry Christmas!

I added your Btag, let’s have a chat.

Hi mate, sound good. I should be on later today after work. Will drop you a message then if you’re around. Thanks.

Hi mate! Pop me a message on discord at : Blakery#1472
I’m one of the creators of the guild Mawful and were currently rostering up to take on the new end game content and down some bosses in HC.
Were a friendly (mainly british) guild at this moment in time, they say we don’t choose our friend huh…
Anyways, if you’re up for it I could always use a tanking companion by my side! People these days are too stubborn to be a tank (not naming any guildies) you’d be a great addition to our growing family!
Pop me a discord message and I’ll point you in the right direction even if it isn’t our guild!

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