[H] <More Dots> is recruiting


Hi Fellow Noggerfoggers,

< More Dots > is a guild with a core group of ex-vanilla players, who’re excited to relive the days of old.

We currently have MC and ONY on farm and are setting up the second raid team. For this second group, we are currently looking for Resto Druids, Enha/resto Shamans.
We aim to attract people of age group 25+, in a similar phase of life as we all have daily jobs and whatever else pays the bills.

We offer : a mature player base that raids 1-2 evenings during the week and one timeslot in the weekend. And jokes, so you will need to cope with that.
Also, our loot distribution is based on DKP, with MS before OS, to ensure contribution to raid progress is rewarded with nice epics, based on a transparent system.
We expect : raid members to prepare for raiding (attunements, consumables, appropriate gear), show up for raids and most importantly: have fun.

Our success will hinge on your commitment to clear end-game content, taking into account your daily (and/or) real life.

Interested? Please reach out to myself or any of the officers listed below.
Discord info is provided after you have joined the guild.

Noballs (Noballs#2645)
Chopstokje (Chopstokje#2218)


I was young and needed the money, OK!


No shame in that :rofl: