[H] <Mortal Kombat> wants you!

Hello people! I’ll try to waste only a little of your time.

About the guild

The core is mostly IRL friends and some we’ve made along the years playing. We’ve got ton of experience in raiding and PvP - some of us from day one. The guild is tidy with a small roster but the people in it are very tightly knitted and active! We’re only looking for active people who can contribute to the family atmosphere we’ve created (and kill every enemy meanwhile)!


Current progress in MC - 10/10 and 1/1 Onyxia. Raid times are 19:00 - 22:30 on Wednesdays and Sundays we usually clear whole of MC on Wednesday and just go Onyxia on Sundays for like 30 mins. Loot system is Round Robin (for players with 75%+ attendance) and the round robin applies to three different groups of items (1. Armor 2. Jewelry - trinket/rings/necks 3. Weapons) with Loot council (loot council only intervenes if people are abusing)

What we need

Only active members - experienced raiders are with prio but anyone who has the willingness to learn will be reviewed. We are not looking to break records (and we ain’t snails) so anyone above level 55 with the right attitude is welcome to have a chat with any of the officers/GM.

If interested you can contact Moomeow, Slav, Gagata, Yong, Hedidit, Shinigami or add my battletag Konarov#2675 and we can talk!



Recruit is still open for certain classes and specs. We’re looking for dedicated people for the following roles: Druid - 1 Restoration,1 Balance, 1 Feral. Shaman - 2 Restoration. Priest - 1 Holy. Hunter - 2. Warrior - 1 OT, 2 DPS. Mage - 1,. All other classes are welcome to have a chat and see if they can contribute. Cheers!

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There are still some slots left :slight_smile:

Bumped again, still looking for some cool peeps.

good luck, great guys for anyone interested in joining!

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Bump again