[H] Mythic Plus Community



      M+ Community (Horde) created for those who are looking for a team or to start a team is looking to expand. As there are thousands of posts on forums with people LF a team with no results as its hard to know who is joining or who you invite in your team. That’s where the community could help you interact with other players leading to new teams or to simply do your keys without having to pug. We are around 100 players so far with rio score between 1000 and +2400.

How it works:

Everyone will be ranked such as:
Rio Initiate [-1.3k rio],
Rio Elite [1.3k-1.5k rio],
Rio Specialist [1.5k-1.8k rio],
Rio Master [1.8k - 2.1k rio]
Godlike [+2.1k rio];
all this to avoid misunderstandings where someone will be looking for i.e. DH for Freehold+17 and get a DH with 1.2k rio score in his team.

 Also there's a Dungeon-announcement channel for each rank where you will ask for the missing player from your key keeping in mind that every member will be able to see ONLY his bracket channel and the lower  bracket channels.

Reason : avoiding the higher ranked players from being spammed for boosting/helping. Remember that they can see at any time the lower bracket channels and they will help when they can / want / see fit.

If its something that would interest you, you can contact me on Bnet C1tywolf#2523 or discord CaptW0lF#0966.

[H] LF M+ Team!
Steady M+ Teams

Need more tanks and healers!


same as dps :slight_smile:


just joined… it looks interesting


Still looking for more tanks and dps


1450 Prot Warr Tank


Prot Warr 1100+ rio LF partneer(s) for M+
I have 1100+ rio friends 405 ilvls (rogue, dru heal, dh\meele monk)

(Vernando) #8

Blood DK looking to push that score (1k atm)


we are growing! come join us for some m+ :slight_smile:


Resto Druid 1.4 and DH 1.6 looking for active Warrior Tank, Rogue and another dps for discussion. Paul1983#2521


Willing to join, ele sham 900rio wanna push as far as possible



still looking for more players to join our community


Hey there,

I’d be interested - 400il Resto Shaman, 400il Prot Paladin and 398il Prot Warrior. I tend to focus on healing these days, but enjoy occasionally swapping to tank.




did you check out the post , btw? :slight_smile:

(Feanaro) #16

hi guys ) i’ve just mooved to horde and trying to stream
Im not experienced yet, but always glad to meet new people:3
my bnet - lianrelo#2250


Hi looks great


395 Prot warrior Looking for a Team to start Pushing keys with 900 Rio.

Feel free to Add me to ask any questions you may have.


Still looking for more Dps. Healers and Tanks wont be ignored either


Hixyllian - Holy Priest 406 IL 1k rio, i’m interested.


Hey there i just read this over and i would be really interested in joining Currently playing an Ele shammy but i have played a few classes to over 1200+ Rio.
I am 410 ScrubWingZ#2212
If you are curious you can check Scrubemon(Dh),Scrublordt(Mage) & Unhaunted(Dk) xD